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Anthony's infection was not detected at birth

My name is Anthony Zaya, and I'm 7 years old. My family and I just lost a medical malpractice case here in Chicago, that I was directly involved with. I also have a twin sister, who is not affected with my illness. She is healthy.

I am suffering from brain damage caused by Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL –a malady of white matter destruction inside the ventricles of my brain), which prevents me from communicating –either by speech, writing, or touching–, eating by myself, walking, using the bathroom, sitting at a table. I can't do anything above without my family's assistance. They must do everything for me, and must check me most of the time for diaper changes.

I can't understand why all twelve jurors went against my case. My lawyers had sufficient evidence, I thought, to prove that the PLV was caused by both the doctor's errors of judgment, as well as by my infection, which wasn't noticed by the doctors at birth, and my prematurity.
Due to my illness, which has now forced my life into another direction, I won't have a normal childhood, or even a normal adulthood. I can't communicate or even play with my own sister.
I will never attend a normal education thru college. I will never get married and have my own family. People around me will have to take care of all my daily needs throughout my entire life.
They have estimated my life expectancy to last for over 75 years in this condition. My parents won't live that long.

My sister should go on with her life, obtaining both a profession, as well as having her own family. That will be enough of a burden for her without having to constantly worry about my well being. We will always love each other as we spent 7 months together in our Mom.
My Dad operates a restaurant, serving pizza as well as many other types of edibles. His job is located in the South side of Chicago, in a very poor neighborhood, which requires one hour drive in each direction from our home. I don't get to see him too much.

My Dad tries to save money for the multiple types of therapies I was supposed to be getting for the past few years, as well as in the present and future. But due to the tremendous amount of bills, for both his family's well being and his business, there is never enough money left to pay for my extensive therapies. He is just devastated, and feels that he is failing his duties as a father. He is not! Even at his job, he always make sure that children, whom don't have all the money to buy some food, always leave with some type of food to eat, because they too are poor.

My Mom is just beside herself. I, with my illness, and my sister's birth, have been a cause of my Mom's Parkinson disease, due to the shocking news of my illness. She had a hard time dealing with my bad news. She is on meds, but it's not well controlled. She takes such good care of me. I was having seizures during my first 2 years, but my Mom put me on a Ketogeni diet, and my seizures went away. She is a great Mom to do this for me. She researched this on her own, and it worked.

I lost my case, which would have afforded me at least $9 million, to possibly last me, with proper investment management, over my life expectancy of 75 years. Now what am I going to look forward to? This is why I am kindly asking you for your help, so that I can both get the necessary treatments that I desperately need, as well as take some of the burdensome pressure off of both my parents, so they won't go to an early grave. I love them for trying so very hard to help me and my family.

Thank you all for reading my plight, and I truly hope that you can afford to help me and my family move forward, and try to get us back to a more normalized life, like you have. Stay healthy and I hope that you never have to go through any of these difficulties.

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