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They said Lloyd would never talk

They said Lloyd would never talk Lloyd is a 7 year happy boy who loves anything electronic that he can get his hands on. He is very smart and can manipulate a computer in seconds to put it on whatever he likes to watch or listen to. He adores music which always brings a smile to his face especially if he is not feeling well.

My son has been to three other schools and therapy centers where they have told me that he has reached his potential and will never talk or be potty trained, his Mom Tarsha says.

Well today I can relate to you that through the wonderful therapist at Therapies4kids he is talking, potty trained and doing a whole lot more than they had given him credit for. He has a lot of potential and will definitely benefit more from continued therapy. His quality of life is important to me and his family, and we love and adore him so much.

ABA therapy has taught him a lot and he now is more focused and follows cues, commands and prompts. ABA has helped him with the behavioral issues he had, temper tantrums and his grinding of his teeth called bruxism that he would do as soon as he got fearful and nervous.
I believe my son will benefit greatly from continued treatment of ABA therapy and all of his other sensory therapies that has made him the young man he is versus a year ago.

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