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Help Tristan go the next step

Help Tristan go the next step Tristan is the second of two wonderful boys we have been blessed with. He is four and his brother, Cody, is seven. Tristan was born in May 2002. He was a large healthy baby boy. He did all he could to keep up with his brother. He started walking at 8 months old. He was into everything. His favorite words were NO-NO and Bad-Bad! He was also a very curious child. He wanted to taste everything, one time I even pulled two live ladybugs out of his mouth.

One day I got a call from the daycare while I was at work. The daycare worker told me to come quick because there was something wrong with Tristan, He was choking on something. By the time I got there the EMS had already picked him up. So, I really started to panic then. All I could think was "Jesus, please, keep your hands on my baby". I went to the hospital. They would not let me see him. They said that they could not find out what was wrong with him.

The doctors decided to send him to Arkansas Children's Hospital. While we waited for the helicopter Tristan held our hands and cried. They flew him to Children's and started doing more test. When my family and I finally got to Children's they told us that Tristan had inhaled a small object and it was going to have to be removed. They also said that he had gone a while without oxygen and he could have some brain damage or he could be brain dead, we would just have to wait and see.

They did the surgery to remove the object and they found that it was a small rock. The doctors said it looked like it had been in his lungs a couple of days, but it didn't cause any problems until it was released and got lodged into his air way.We finally got to see our baby and he was reaching for us and crying. He was swollen and he had tubes in his mouth. The doctor said he was starting to have seizures and they gave him medicine for it.

Tristan went to sleep and he was never the same again. His body was so swollen that he didn't look like himself. God blessed him and he started breathing by himself after about three days, but that was all he could do. He stayed in ICU for 1 week and he was moved to a room. Tristan couldn't cry, smile, or move around. As soon as he got into a room he started physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. The doctors placed a feeding tube into Tristan's stomach. His muscles started to get really tight. His jaw muscles got so tight he started chewing up the top of his mouth. A doctor decided to inject botox into his jaws and after about 3 days he could open his mouth. About that time he started crying again. It was so nice to finally hear him again. He was scared and didn't understand what was going on. His crying lasted for three weeks and finally we got to go home.

Tristan was diagnosed with Anoxic Encephalopathy / Cerebral Palsy. After six weeks of being in the hospital we were nervous about making all the decisions, giving him his medicine, and making sure he was doing alright. We prayed that the Lord would give us the strength to take care of him. When Tristan got home he finally relaxed and calmed down. We had in-home therapy every few days and then we got him into a day program where he still receives therapy. He has been receiving Botox injections in his arms and legs every 4 months since the injections for his jaws.

Tristan has come a long way in the last 3 1/2 years. He is holding his head up, he is rolling over, he is moving his hands enough to turn on his switch toys, he can bare weight on his legs for a couple of minutes, he is very verbal and he is eating paste consistancy foods (theraputic feeds). Tristan received 30 hbo treatments in September of 2006. The treatments made big improvements for Tristan. His arm muscles relaxed and is able to move them around more. He is holding his upper body up longer without using shoulder straps while in his wheelchair, and he is starting to suck out of a sippy cup. We believe Therapies4kids is what Tristan needs to go the next step. He has the will to do it, he just needs the help to do it. We believe Tristan will have a long and productive life as long as we keep doing what is best for him.

Thank you & God bless you,
The Chelette family

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